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Company history

Year 1902

Alfred Gauthier


The Alfred Gauthier company was founded by the mechanic Alfred Gauthier from Pforzheim in 1902.

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Year 1904

First Gauthier "Koilos" shutter 1904

First Gauthier "Koilos" shutter

After intensive development work, the first "Koilos" camera shutters were built.

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Year 1908

First cable release

First cable release

The "ISBO" shutter was the first automatic shutter on the market; its maximum shutter interval was 1 second.

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Year 1909

First automatic long turning lathe of Gauhier

First automatic long turning lathe

The development of the Machine Engineering department at Gauthier is closely linked to the production of the Gauthier camera shutters.

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Year 1910

Company Alfred Gauthier GmbH

Founding of Alfred Gauthier GmbH

A limited liability company (GmbH) was founded to generate urgently needed financial resources.

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Year 1931

Carl Zeiss

The Carl Zeiss Foundation becomes majority shareholder

Carl Zeiss had held a minority shareholding in the expanding "Alfred Gauthier GmbH" since 1910.
In 1931, the company’s founder withdrew for age reasons. Carl Zeiss acquired the majority shareholding in the Prontor-Werk Alfred Gauthier GmbH.

Year 1935

"PRONTOR" shutter

PRONTOR" shutter

Development and production of shutters with significantly faster exposure times under the type name "PRONTOR", the later company name. The word has its origins in the Italian language and means "ready".

Year 1945

End of the 2nd World War 1945

End of the 2nd World War

Dismantling of the production facilities and loss of all design documents.

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Year 1948

"PRONTOR S" shutter

Recommencement of production of shutters and machines

The company’s resurgence started only after the currency reform in 1948. In 1959, the company’s workforce increased to around 3,200 employees. Up to 10,000 shutters a day were assembled.

Year 1964

Lens grinding machines for the grinding of spectacle lenses

Start of design and production of lens grinding machines

The company is now called "PRONTOR-Werk Alfred Gauthier GmbH". The newly developed GM25 long turning lathe is produced.
In addition, lens grinding machines for the grinding of spectacle lenses are designed and produced for the first time. Today the grinding of spectacle lenses is no longer performed at PRONTOR.

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